kyc, audit & safu

SAFU Verification

Just like the Minions hold their bananas dear, we value the security and safety of our investors' funds. That's why we've grabbed ourselves the SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for Users) badge. This shiny symbol tells you that we've gone to great lengths to protect your investments from the villainous deeds of cyber attacks or other security breaches. We believe our investors deserve the highest level of security, akin to the Minions' determination in protecting their prized bananas. The SAFU badge is our pledge of unwavering commitment to keeping things as secure as a Minion's hold on his banana.

Audit Verification

Keeping our investors safe is our top banana at $MINIONS. With the irreversible nature of blockchain transactions, we understand the need for airtight, bug-free code. That's as important as a sturdy pair of goggles to a Minion! We conduct rigorous audits on our smart contracts to make sure they're as secure as a Minion's lair and free from any vulnerabilities. We're transparent and accountable - our commitment is to the progress of the project and to the safety of your assets, just as a Minion is to his bananas.

​KYC Verification

Safety first is a motto we share with our yellow friends. That's why audit verification for our protocol is a key part of our mission. Blockchain transactions are irreversible, much like a Minion's love for bananas. Thus, ensuring a secure, bug-free code is our top priority. We conduct thorough audits on our smart contracts to ensure no sneaky bugs compromise investor funds. Our commitment to security and transparency is as steadfast as a Minion's loyalty to his villainous master. KYC Verification Link.