📔Positive + Negative

Examples for Positive and Negative Prompt:

Positive Prompt: "A cozy living room with a fireplace" Negative Prompt: "No people"

Positive Prompt: "A futuristic city skyline" Negative Prompt: "No flying cars"

Positive Prompt: "A bustling Minions factory churning out jelly" Negative Prompt: "No Minions playing ukulele"

Positive Prompt: "A peaceful Minion's morning routine, complete with tooth brushing and stretching" Negative Prompt: "No banana breakfast"

Positive Prompt: "A Minion's playful pool party filled with fun and laughter" Negative Prompt: "No Minions diving into the pool"

Positive Prompt: "A futuristic Minion's workspace with high-tech gizmos and gadgets" Negative Prompt: "No bossy Minions giving orders"

Positive Prompt: "A Minion's arts and crafts corner filled with creative projects" Negative Prompt: "No messy glue spills"

Positive Prompt: "A lively Minions' game night with board games spread out on the table" Negative Prompt: "No Minions cheating or peeking at the cards"

Positive Prompt: "A starry night from a Minion's perspective, complete with a telescope" Negative Prompt: "No Minions scared of the dark"

Positive Prompt: "A Minion's summer afternoon, complete with ice-cream cones and sunhats" 🍦 Negative Prompt: "No Minions slipping on banana peels"

Positive prompt: "A majestic mountain landscape with a clear blue sky" Negative prompt: "No snow on the mountains, no clouds in the sky"

Positive prompt: "A cozy living room with warm lighting and a fireplace" Negative prompt: "No TV in the room, no carpet on the floor"

Positive Prompt: "A bustling Minion beach party with sandcastles and beach balls" Negative Prompt: "No Minions surfing waves"

Positive Prompt: "A Minion's themed birthday party with decorations and a banana cake" Negative Prompt: "No Minions popping balloons"

Positive Prompt: "A Minion's outdoor adventure with backpacks and trail mix" Negative Prompt: "No Minions getting lost"

Positive Prompt: "A Minion's winter wonderland with snowmen and sleds" Negative Prompt: "No Minions throwing snowballs"

Positive Prompt: "A Minion's tropical vacation complete with coconut drinks and sun loungers" Negative Prompt: "No Minions building sandcastles"

Positive Prompt: "A Minion's fun-filled playground with slides and swings" Negative Prompt: "No Minions playing tag"

Positive Prompt: "A Minion's night-time carnival extravaganza, filled with bright, colourful lights, whimsical rides, and booths offering fun prizes. The Ferris wheel, the biggest attraction, is a glorious sight as the Minions joyously enjoy their ride." Negative Prompt: "No Minions causing a ruckus"

Positive Prompt: "A Minion's dreamy underwater adventure with an array of colourful fishes, fascinating corals, and a sunken treasure chest filled with, not gold, but an abundance of ripe bananas." Negative Prompt: "No Minions afraid of water"

Positive Prompt: "A Minion's magical garden, filled with giant sunflowers, patches of carrots, and rows of berry bushes. The air is filled with the melodious sound of Minions humming while they water the plants with their tiny watering cans." Negative Prompt: "No Minions lazing around"

Positive Prompt: "A Minion's captivating view of outer space from a spaceship window, filled with stars, nebulas, and distant galaxies. The spaceship control panel, with its twinkling lights and levers, has a special banana-shaped button." Negative Prompt: "No Minions messing with the spaceship controls"

Positive Prompt: "A Minion's vibrant art studio, filled with easels, paintbrushes, and canvases painted with creative renditions of bananas. The atmosphere is lively as Minions are seen deeply engrossed in their artistic process." Negative Prompt: "No Minions painting each other"

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