Got a question? Or perhaps a brilliant idea about a new protocol integration? Or just want to chat about bananas? No worries, our Minion Command Centre is always here to listen! Feel free to reach out through any of our community communication channels listed below. We promise we're much quicker to respond than a Minion spotting a banana!

Our squad of super helpful Minions is on standby, ready to assist you with any inquiries you might have. They might be a bit goofy, just like our beloved yellow fellows, but they know their stuff!

  • For general questions or if you just want to chat about all things Minion (or bananas, of course), our main Telegram chat is the place to be. We're always eager to hear from our fellow Minion enthusiasts! So go ahead, drop us a line. We can't wait to hear from you! 🍌👾 chat.

Heads up, Minion Horde! 🚨 It's crucial to remember that only the official groups are part of our Banana Republic. Don't go looking for help in unofficial places – it could be a trap set by an evil villain!

Also, remember, no matter how much our Minions love to chat, none of our community managers or team members will ever initiate direct messaging with you. We're more about banana parties and less about sliding into your DMs. So, if you get a direct message from someone claiming to be from our team, beware! It might be a villain in disguise! Always stay safe, just like a Minion in a banana factory. 🍌👾

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